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Typhoon Lisa

October 15, 2019

From Category 5 to Category Weeb.

In this international episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa talks about her travels in Japan after arriving in Tokyo just in time for a typhoon. They dive into Demon Slayer and get hyped about My Hero coming back! Alex decides its time for a new game so they play a horrible version of Anime Password. Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!


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October Anime Astrology Filler Episode

October 5, 2019

Deku in the Streets, Bakugou in the sheets. 

On this short Alex only filler episode it gets weird and it gets weird fast. Not even 2 minutes in an Alex is talking about K-pop's SuperM debut and his Twice 'Feel Special' hangover. Anime-wise Alex finally makes it kawaii af talking about the Prism idol shojo series followed by Symphogear! After all the anime is talked about it gets even weirder, instead of a game Alex breaks down the zodiac anime style giving you a forecast into your October followed by some deep meditation. This one is a weird one for sure. Be sure to subscribe and give us a rating! 


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Lisa Alex


September 24, 2019

Lisa Really Did It...

In this new (on time-ish) episode of Kawaii Five-0, we get better sound quality as Lisa is calling from Japan this time but now you get more mouth noises as Alex is battling a cold. Everyone wins!

The hosts talk sports anime since the big season 4 Haikyuu news, but mostly Alex keeps bringing up the fact that Lisa GOT REIGEN FROM MOB PSYCHO TATTOO'D TO HER FRIGGIN' HAND! Also they both want to play The Untitled Goose Game and Lisa has to wait to get back to America before you can play Link's Awakening. Alex finds a new magical girl anime and Lisa's hand hurts CAUSE SHE GOT REIGEN TATT'D ON HER HAND! Also a special song to end the episode! Thanks for listening!


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Vandelion Gajelion

September 18, 2019

"I Punch Her in the Face".

Returning back to "normal-ish", with two hosts at least, Kawaii Five-0 is back, and we talk everything from Lisa sweating in Vietnam to our hosts new favorite manga Gokushufudou! In this episode Lisa calls in all the way from Vietnam (excuse the poor audio quality) while Alex all the way from his bedroom is still reeling from having to watch Dragon Ball Z: Evolution and reminding everyone he's probably not gonna edit this episode, cause he's lazy! Oh, and they also talk Fire Force and it's fan service issues along with some light mech and seasonal anime talk!


Thanks for hanging with us while we do our "special" episodes until Lisa gets back!


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Is This Episode Canon?

September 13, 2019

These Movies are not Good. 

Alex is alone on this episode Kawaii Five-0 so he decided to punish the listeners with an ep all about live-action anime adaptations, and boy did it suck! A little bit of a shorter episode this time, but be sure to be ready next Tuesday for another one!


Movies discussed:

Alita: Battle Angel



Speed Racer

DBZ: Evolution

Initial D

Death Note


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Now Boarding!

September 3, 2019

We the Gatekeepers. 

In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 it's Lisa's last episode... Before she's off to Asia for 2 months. The hosts talk about the good and the bad of being in the anime community and examples of both. Right on cue, Alex has another game this week, this time we're trying to get Lisa a date with some very lucky young anime men! Be sure to subscribe and rate our podcast to make sure you are up to date!


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Not Once, but Twice

August 27, 2019


In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk their favorite anime games and which non-anime games would make a great anime/manga series! Then, Lisa educates Alex and the listeners on the big anime studios and their popular publications. It wouldn't be an episode if Lisa didn't bring up Gintama at least once and if Alex didn't have a game to play, this game involves Twice from My Hero Academia and Twice the K-Pop girl group! 


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Kawaii Five-0 Strikes Back

August 20, 2019

A Nightmare on Ghibli Street.

In this episode of Kawaii Five-0, Lisa and Alex catch up on what anime they are currently watching, followed by a dissertation on Lisa's favorite anime movies, all while Alex breaks down the 3 he's seen. There has to be a game, and this one is a doozy about dreams and Ghibli movies, so buckle up and enjoy this new episode of Kawaii Five-0!!!


A Semester Abroad

August 13, 2019

Guy Fieri Buying Anime.

On this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk Lisa's upcoming trip to Asia, some culture tips and what she has in store for the podcast when she's abroad. Getting into the anime portion, the hosts talk about what makes a good protagonist and countdown their top 5 Main Characters. Plus of course there is a game, and of course it's bad! 

Seasonal Depression

August 6, 2019

Hot Fox Girl Summer.

In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk a little about their favorite overall anime, before getting side tracked and playing the worst My Hero Academia themed game ever, if you can call it a game. After all that junk, Lisa only talks a little bit about Gintama while mostly discussing Netflix adaptations and seasonals that both hosts are hyped for. Be sure to tune in next week when Lisa talks about traveling to Japan and Alex presents another game about Japanese mascot culture, which we'll never play again probably!


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