Guy Fieri Buying Anime.

On this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk Lisa's upcoming trip to Asia, some culture tips and what she has in store for the podcast when she's abroad. Getting into the anime portion, the hosts talk about what makes a good protagonist and countdown their top 5 Main Characters. Plus of course there is a game, and of course it's bad! 

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Episode 3- Seasonal Depression

August 6, 2019

Hot Fox Girl Summer.

In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk a little about their favorite overall anime, before getting side tracked and playing the worst My Hero Academia themed game ever, if you can call it a game. After all that junk, Lisa only talks a little bit about Gintama while mostly discussing Netflix adaptations and seasonals that both hosts are hyped for. Be sure to tune in next week when Lisa talks about traveling to Japan and Alex presents another game about Japanese mascot culture, which we'll never play again probably!


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Episode 2- A Gateway to Shōnen

July 31, 2019

Something Something Gintama... 

On this episode of Kawaii Five-0, Lisa and Alex talk about a special type of comedy show before diving into Shōnen just so Lisa can bring up Gintama. Later on Alex makes Lisa play a guessing game about movies that you wouldn't want to watch with your parents, wrapping up the first real episode of Kawaii Five-0! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and listen to the newest episodes every Tuesday! 

Episode 1- Origin Arcs

July 23, 2019

A Kawaii Menace 

This week on Kawaii Five-0 we have a promo episode to get you prepared for the official launch of the podcast! Hosts Lisa and Alex talk about stand-up comedy beginnings and break down their first encounters and obsessions with anime on this very special episode of Kawaii Five-O.